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Roeland Park, KS 66205
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Mission, KS 66222
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As a licensed substance abuse treatment facility, clinical staff of Heartland RADAC are required to maintain the credentialing requirements determined by the State of Kansas. All staff involved with diagnosing SUD's are licensed as one of the following, by the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board (KS BSRB)

  • LAC - Licensed Addictions Counselor
  • LMAC - Licensed Masters Addictions Counselor
  • LCAC - Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor

Many of the clinical staff maintain licenses in their specialized area of study, including LSCSW, LMSW, LMFT, LPC, etc.

In addition to clinical staff, we have numerous staff that are engaged in direct client work, as Case Managers, CBT Instructors and Peer Mentors, both in the field and in various sites across the State of Kansas.  


Staff are available for you to contact at the direct office numbers listed below. If they don't answer, please feel free to leave a message, they are most likely assisting a client. Information can also be faxed to the administrative office at 913-789-0954 and it will be forwarded digitally to the appropriate staff member. Please be assured that anything including protected health information will be encrypted in order to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Field Staff Position Direct Phone Number E-Mail
Karley Ailin SAP Care Coordinator 913-674-0106 karley@hradac.com
Tony Anderson Recovery Support Specialist 913-956-5622 tony@hradac.com
Reta Andrews Recovery Support Specialist 913-845-4642 reta@hradac.com
Traci Babcock Substance Abuse Specialist 913-359-7127 traci@hradac.com
Sheila Barnard SRCC Case Manager 913-721-6380 sheilab@hradac.com
Stephanie Becraft Supervisor - 3rd DUI 913-937-8497 stephanie@hradac.com
Sue Bennett Recovery Support Specialist 913-956-5622 sue@hradac.com
Sandi Brooks Substance Abuse Treatment Specialist 913-303-8874 sandi@hradac.com
Jennifer Cannon SRCC Case Manager 913-274-1167 jennifer@hradac.com
Wendy Carr Substance Abuse Specialist 913-717-0230 wendy@hradac.com
Nick Casarona SAP - CBT Care Coordinator 913-599-9361 nick@hradac.com
Kathy Clements Recovery Support Specialist 913-956-5622 kathy@hradac.com
Kristine Colin Intensive Case Manager 913-359-7064 kristine@hradac.com
Michael Colin Substance Abuse Treatment Specialist 913-871-9629 michael@hradac.com
Stacey Cooper Director of Case Management Services 913-725-0449 stacey@hradac.com
Michelle Crai Recovery Support Specialist 913-667-0978 michelle@hradac.com
Kim Cranston SAP - CBT Instructor 913-346-3507 kim@hradac.com
Christa Demel Recovery Support Specialist 913-845-4678 christa@hradac.com
Cindy Dickey DUI Care Coordinator 913-359-7064 cindyd@hradac.com
Brad Dooley Recovery Support Specialist 913-956-5622 brad@hradac.com
Kelly Eggimann DUI Care Coordinator 913-845-4695 kelly@hradac.com
Larry Elliott SAP - CBT Instructor 913-359-7018 larry@hradac.com
Rayna Flax Supervisor - SRCC 913-359-7199 rayna@hradac.com
Wayne Fox Intensive Case Manager 913-359-7002 wayne@hradac.com
Abi Fregon Unit Support Coordinator 913-298-2632 abi@hradac.com
Ian Green Intensive Case Manager 913-259-7172 ian@hradac.com
Donna Harrison Intensive Case Manager 913-667-4979 donna@hradac.com
Jason Hess Executive Director 913-789-6404 jason@hradac.com
Ben Holloway Supervisor - Re-Entry Programs 913-845-4679 ben@hradac.com
Tara Iverson Substance Abuse Specialist 913-359-7122 tara@hradac.com
Sara Jackson Clinical Director of Assessment Services 913-789-7152 sara@hradac.com
Chris Jay Recovery Coach 913-845-4658 chrisj@hradac.com
Rosa Jimerson Substance Abuse Specialist 913-359-7048 rosa@hradac.com
Deidra Johannes SRCC Case Manager 913-667-4965 deidra@hradac.com
Stephen Justa Recovery Support Specialist 913-721-4827 stephen@hradac.com
Debra Klekacz Supervisor - Recovery Coach/SCCC Coordinator 913-827-1708 debrak@hradac.com
Kristen Koob Care Coordinator – Shawnee County Community Corrections 913-359-7166 kristenk@hradac.com
Angela Kreps Intensive Case Manager 913-721-4827 angela@hradac.com
Sara Larson Substance Abuse Specialist 913-937-8602 saral@hradac.com
Ashley Lee SRCC Case Manager 913-346-3517 ashleym@hradac.com
Bridgett Lee Supervisor - ICM / ICCIntensive Case Manager 913-359-7065 bridgett@hradac.com
Jolie Lippitt Recovery Coach 913-905-4059 jolie@hradac.com
Jamie Lynam Recovery Support Specialist 913-956-5622 jamie@hradac.com
Amy Marcum Intensive Case Manager 913-359-7060 amy@hradac.com
Alea Martin Recovery Coach 913-721-4806 alea@hradac.com
Jackie Martinez SRCC Case Manager 913 845-4678 jackiem@hradac.com
Sharon McCourt-Ostrowski Treatment Specialist 913-845-4678 sharon@hradac.com
Tricia McCourt SRCC Case Manager 913-745-7483 tricia@hradac.com
Chelle Millan SAP - CBT Instructor 913-845-4626 chelle@hradac.com
Cindy Miller SAP - CBT Instructor 913-937-8608 cindy@hradac.com
Dustin Miller Substance Abuse Specialist 913-274-1035 dustin@hradac.com
Matt Oakley SAP - CBT Instructor 913-359-7130 matt@hradac.com
Jennifer Ogden SAP - CBT Instructor 913-933-3482 jennifero@hradac.com
Ashley O'Neal Supervisor - Rainbow Outreach Specialist 913-259-7037 ashley@hradac.com
Karlie Owens Substance Abuse Specialist 913-274-1049 karlie@hradac.com
Olivia Penman Intensive Case Manager 913-845-4586 olivia@hradac.com
Lynnet Proctor Substance Abuse Specialist 913-845-4670 lynnet@hradac.com
Linda Ratliff Recovery Coach 913-346-3530 linda@hradac.com
Heather Reed Intensive Case Manager 913-359-7126 heather@hradac.com
John Robertson SAP - CBT Instructor 913-956-5622 john@hradac.com
Chasity Robleto SRCC Case Manager 913-359-7078 chasity@hradac.com
Kassie Rohr SAP - CBT Instructor 913-845-4634 kassie@hradac.com
Lara Rothove SAP - CBT Instructor 913-369-4772 lara@hradac.com
Steffanie Rucker-Bey Recovery Coach 913-359-7007 steffanier@hradac.com
Brooke Ruegsegger Intensive Case Manager 913-937-8606 brooke@hradac.com
Somer Schmitt Substance Abuse Specialist 913-274-1063 somer@hradac.com
Charla Schneider Recovery Coach 913-370-7284 charla@hradac.com
Pauline Shadden Unit Support Coordinator 913-346-3525 pauline@hradac.com
Elliott Smith SAP - CBT Care Coordinator 913-745-7589 elliott@hradac.com
Gordon Smith SAP - CBT Care Coordinator 913-845-4617 gordon@hradac.com
Sara Stabler SAP - CBT Instructor 913-845-4679 sarah@hradac.com
Shannon Stancer DUI Care Coordinator 913-370-7988 shannon@hradac.com
Ally Switzer Substance Abuse Specialist 913-359-7165 ally@hradac.com
Jeni VanBuskirk Recovery Coach 913-549-9681 jeni@hradac.com
Amy Vaught Intensive Case Manager 913-359-6991 amyv@hradac.com
Maizie Weathers SAP - CBT Instructor 913-905-4087 maizie@hradac.com
Maria Welch Recovery Support Specialist 913-281-7860 maria@hradac.com
Marci Whitley DUI Care Coordinator 913-764-3971 marci@hradac.com
Lorrie Williams-Smoot SUD Specialist 913-845-4591 lorrie@hradac.com
Chris Woodward Substance Abuse Specialist 913-356-9386 chrisw@hradac.com
Jenee Workman Intensive Case Manager 913-845-4659 jenee@hradac.com
Melanie Yoder Intensive Case Manager 913-937-9156 melanie@hradac.com
Steve Young Recovery Coach 913-359-7091 steve@hradac.com
Ron Zahorik Recovery Coach 913-721-6323 ron@hradac.com