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Match & refer client to services - if needed

Upon completion of the assessment, the client will be informed if treatment is clinically indicated, and if so, the best fit for their individual situation.

The following treatment levels are based on criteria from the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and are available through private and publicly funded treatment programs within the State of Kansas.

Individuals would attend up to 9 hours of treatment on a weekly basis. This treatment may consist of individual counseling, group counseling, or a combination of the two.

Intensive Outpatient
Clients receive a minimum of 9 hours per week of direct services in both individual and group counseling.

Medical & Social Detoxification
A safe environment where clients can detoxify from substances currently being used.

Residential treatment designed for intensive treatment of substance use disorders.

Residential treatment designed to assist the client with reintegrating into the community by assisting them with job and housing searches while also continuing treatment goals.