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Welcome to Heartland RADAC...

Heartland RADAC provides an array of services to individuals confronting alcohol and drug issues. We can provide information and assistance to individuals seeking information either for themselves, a loved one, co-worker or client.

Similar to individuals with other types of illness, those with substance use disorders may choose to make changes in order to improve their life. Sometimes this decision can be made on their own behalf, other times through community support, formalized treatment or as part of a requirement of some other system such as the courts or social services.

Heartland RADAC’s services are designed to assist individuals in addressing substance use disorders so that their recovery can begin.

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"You will never regret using Firespring. It will make your life and the life of your organization so much better. You have that support behind you, so the transition of switching over to Firespring is very simple." –Shelbi Perry, Executive Director

Finding Motivation to Volunteer

We all know that, sometimes, volunteering can be wearisome and there are days that we are tempted to skip our shifts. Even those compassionate people who would seemingly enjoy serving others as a career would sometimes rather stay home and vedge. So how do you beat it? This fall, try a few of these tips to find your niche within the wonderful world of volunteerism.

Find What You Love
It’s all about doing something that you genuinely enjoy. Love listening to the older generation banter on about life “back in the day?” Then look into volunteering at a nursing home or assisted living center. Love animals—everything from the little furry hamsters to the giant fluffy dogs? Consider volunteering at an animal shelter. Wherever you decide, make sure that it’s something you want to spend your time doing.

Feel Free to Change It Up
Another option to hold your interest in volunteering is to look to projects that don’t require a long-term commitment. There are organizations throughout the community that have projects that don’t require a lot of time. This way you can explore several opportunities and give to a variety of organizations.

Don’t Give Up the Search
It may take some time to find an organization that you click with. Think about things that you are sincerely passionate about—whether that’s feeding the poor, planting trees at local parks or helping a bilingual kid learn how to read. A few failed attempts shouldn’t deter you from trying elsewhere. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of options for you within your community, and there is a great nonprofit that would love to have you as their volunteer. You just have to be willing to find it.