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Cognitive Behavioral Care Coordinator - KDOC - Ellsworth & Norton

The Care Coordinator provides on-site facilitation of a structured Cognitive Behavioral Curriculum to a designated criminal justice population at the Lansing State Correctional Facility. These services include facilitating the integration of core components of any cognitive behavioral intervention with focus on substance misuse. This project design is targeted to incarcerated individuals that fall into a moderate to high need in the area of substance abuse. Heavy emphasis is placed on skill building activities to assist with cognitive, social, emotional, and coping skill development.


• Attend training to facilitate the Cognitive Behavioral Curriculum Interventions for Substance Misuse.
• Work with facility staff to establish a referral and screening procedure to determine program eligibility.
• Coordinating client care with the unit team counselor and any other staff in the facility who are working on the case
• Conduct interviews and ensure eligibility of participants.
• Complete required forms and paperwork as instructed in a timely manner.
• Provide the six components of the substance misuse curriculum, as defined by the University of Cincinnati, to identified participants in one on one and group sessions.
• Assign homework for skill development to participants (critical component).
• Plan and execute activities on a group and individual basis as defined by the Substance Misuse Curriculum.
• Maintain a personal presence at the correctional facility that reinforces health, safety, and participation in accordance to the project design.
• Coordinate with reentry/release planning and ensures clients have case management during the Cognitive Behavioral classes/program, and have a seamless transition of services upon release;
• Complete alcohol and drug assessments utilizing the KCPC with class participants to determine level/type of substance abuse treatment and services needed upon release and coordinate the care needed
• Coordinate continued care with parole upon client release from the facility.
• Track and document client and program outcomes and provide reports to Clinical Director, Executive Team, and funders as requested.


Masters level (preferred) or Bachelors level (minimum required) preparation in social work, behavioral health/substance misuse, or criminal justice
Personal or work experience with diverse communities including those with substance misuse and criminal populations preferred. Experience in the profession of behavioral health and/or substance abuse preferred.
Licensure through the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board (BSRB) of KS is required in one of the following disciplines:
• LAC – Licensed Addictions Counselor
• LCAC – Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor

Energetic, self-starter who likes to work autonomously in the community, meeting clients in a variety of locations once released to the community
Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate effectively through verbal, electronic and written communications
Ability to evaluate statistical data and attention to detail is required
Adaptable to change and willingness to adopt new organizational and technology skills
Experience and ability to use multiple computer applications, including but not limited to:
• Microsoft Office Suite applications including Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point
• Ability to document client progress in electronic medical record
• Internet based database applications

A valid driver’s license, dependable transportation, and proof of auto insurance must be maintained