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Welcome to Heartland RADAC...

Heartland RADAC provides an array of services to individuals confronting alcohol and drug issues. We can provide information and assistance to individuals seeking information either for themselves, a loved one, co-worker or client.

Similar to individuals with other types of illness, those with substance use disorders may choose to make changes in order to improve their life. Sometimes this decision can be made on their own behalf, other times through community support, formalized treatment or as part of a requirement of some other system such as the courts or social services.

Heartland RADAC’s services are designed to assist individuals in addressing substance use disorders so that their recovery can begin.

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"You will never regret using Firespring. It will make your life and the life of your organization so much better. You have that support behind you, so the transition of switching over to Firespring is very simple." –Shelbi Perry, Executive Director

Planning a Gap Year? Make it Count.

Your senior year just started. Do you know what you’re going to do after graduation? It’s probably come up more than once in conversation. If you’re not ready for college, maybe a gap year is for you.

A gap year is that year break after finishing high school, prior to starting college. There are many programs designed to keep you learning about yourself while you’re still contemplating your options. These programs offer a number of opportunities to explore and gain valuable experience to take you into a more fulfilling college career.

Projects Abroad. With no set start or end dates, you can create your own schedule and destination. Projects Abroad has in-country staff and has placed over 25,000 volunteers throughout the world since 1997. They ensure you have host families and three meals a day.

LeapNow. This 9-month program combines education in the form of language, service and cultural immersion in India or South America. LeapNow includes a formal Rite of Passage that also involves the parents and a return home mid year for additional education opportunities.

AmeriCorps. Each year, AmeriCorps offers over 75,000 volunteer opportunities both in the United States and abroad. With several programs and varying time commitments in a number of areas of service, you’re sure to find a fit.

If you’re not into traveling abroad, there are plenty of local volunteer programs that will provide ample opportunity to grow while making a difference in your community.